All products on our website are shown in US sizes. Please reach out to us if you need any assistance. There are several ways in which you can size yourself at home to make sure you are purchasing the correct size should there be an option, as some pieces only come in one size. Please use various methods, to be sure you are ordering the perfect size.

Note: All international orders are final sale.



RING SIZER: If you own a ring sizer of U.S. nationality, the sizes will correspond accurately. You may also use our paper ring sizer as shown below. First start by making sure when you print, your scale is set to 100%. The sizer should measure 3.5 inches to double check. Next, cut a slit at B, and carefully slide side A through the slit. Tighten the sizer carefully to find the correct size as shown on the paper ring sizer. 





RING YOU CURRENTLY OWN: Using a ring that you currently own is another way to measure your ring size. If you know the size of a ring that you currently own and it corresponds with the same finger that you are purchasing a ring for, you may order the same size. 



PAPER SIZING: Should you not have access to your ring size from a ring sizer or a different ring that you own, you can use a thin strip of paper or a string. Be sure to measure your finger a few times to be most accurate, as paper or string may stretch and effect the sizing. Begin by wrapping the thin strip of paper or string around the appropriate finger that you are purchasing the ring for. Then, mark with a pen where the paper fits around your finger. Use a ruler or measuring tape to measure, in mm, the length from the start of the thin strip of paper to the pen mark that you made and use the chart below to find your size:

Internal Diameter (MM) 

Ring Size


















Size Estimate - Most people generally fit 3/4th size down and up to 1-1.5 sizes up comfortably due to the circumference of our fingers differing. For example, at your knuckle you may fit a size 6, whereas below where the ring is placed you may be a 5 or 5 1/2.