We’ve curated a gift guide based on what our clients have expressed they loved to receive as gifts, and from whom. Use this guide to purchase the perfect gift for a loved one this holiday season! Simply click the names of the pieces for an easy shopping experience.


FRIEND: "BFF" Necklace Set or "Initial Luxe" Bracelet

Let your best friend know that you want to give them a gift that's personal. Get the matching "BFF" Necklace Set that you can both wear for your bestie, or the "Initial Luxe" Bracelet for the friend who is really working on herself right now.

WIFE/FIANCE: "Diamante" Tennis Bracelet and "Diamante" Tennis Necklace

Your wife/fiance deserves the most epic gift this holiday season. Show your love with some of our most luxurious pieces, and make it a matching set!

GIRLFRIEND: "Adina" Band and "Adina" Tennis Bracelet 

The "Adina" Band and Tennis Bracelet are perfect for any point in your relationship. They're an easy choice, as our #1 best sellers! PS, ask her family/friends for her ring size.

MOTHER: "Shay" Earrings

Make her shine this holiday season with these dazzling earrings! A special mother in your life will not only appreciate the thought, but also feel confident in her unique earrings.

DAUGHTER: "Kylie" Band

Every daughter wants jewelry she can wear without limits and at her own discretion. The "Kylie" Band is semi-adjustable to fit as she grows, and is unique to our brand so her friends will HAVE to ask her where she got it from! 

BOYFRIEND: "Spike" Bracelet

The "Spike" Bracelet is edgy- you'll really be gifting yourself with this one because his style will be upgraded.

FATHER: "SG" Wristband

This unique style is for the fathers out there who need to be more in the moment. Remind him that the time is now, and he doesn't need a clock on his wrist. The "SG" Wristband can mean more than meets the eye.

HUSBAND: "Ben" Bracelet

Soft, yet edgy- like a husband! This is a step-up from a normal beaded bracelet as it features a single encrusted bead alongside the plain ones. Just imagine the gifting magic that could happen if you get him this, and he gets you one of our tennis bracelets!